Strategy, Moving From Static To Dynamic

The strategy of a company, with this health crisis, which has called into question all the parameters, both national and international, requires having good practices in order not to fail on the ice floes but on the contrary to perpetuate the company. Focus on fundamentals.

Business plan: its contributions

The business plan is not just a tool to look pretty or just useful for fundraising. If it remains fundamental for negotiations between the entrepreneur and his future investors, it is because it allows them to assess the prospects of the company as well as its chances of success, but it is essential on many levels. . It allows you to lay down all of the company’s data and take into account the environment in which it operates. Beyond this contribution, it makes it possible to develop the strategy, to verify that the cash flow will withstand the shock or that the margins are sufficient to generate profit. The Business plan has many uses even if it is often criticized for its lack of realism in the face of various circumstances. Above all, it allows you to gain height,

Business plan, always in constant revolution

Who says a business plan is a work of art that grows in value over time, especially if you don’t touch it and keep it in a drawer. The current economic situation has shown us that the meticulously prepared business plans have for a certain number of them been called into question by the mad wind of the health crisis. It must be noted that the parameters change at every moment, even outside of crises and therefore the entrepreneur must constantly make adjustments to the business plan so that it serves as a reference for running his business. When setting up a business or a new project, setting up a business plan or development plan is an essential step and, moreover, entrepreneurs devote time to it that is sometimes time-consuming.

Market research: an eye on the competition

The health of the market can change and the current circumstances prove it to us. Some are taking advantage of the crisis to find new opportunities and take advantage of the disappearance of their competitors, while others are looking for a way to keep their business alive due to shortages of stocks, for example, or the shortage of raw materials. But through market research, you can spot new opportunities.

The market, always a source of surprises

One day at the top, the next month behind… nothing is less certain than the state of a market. If it is possible to make predictions, an event can quickly turn the figures upside down. It suffices for a serious competitor to enter your market or, conversely, for customers to suddenly take an interest in your product, and all market research forecasts need to be reviewed. If you want to make strategic decisions for the future of your business, it is essential to base yourself on accurate and therefore up-to-date market data. A good knowledge of the market is crucial to be able to make the right choices regarding the development of the company.